About one third of all temperature changes in your home is due to uninsulated walls.

Cavity Wall Insulation

High performance, expert solutions
for both internal and external walls

Insulation is key to keeping your home comfortable all year round and saving on energy bills month after month.

Energy efficient homes are insulated from roof to foundation but only newly built homes may have this level of insulation. If your home has no built-in insulation, where do you start?

Attic insulation should be your first priority. About a quarter of heat loss is through the top of your home. Attic Crew provide a range of innovative and affordable attic insulation solutions. We are honest and easy to deal with and always put our customers first. But what about the walls?

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    Cellulose Cavity Wall Insulation

    Today’s wall Insulation products are made from state of the art materials: 

    • Cellulose is made of recycled materials. It helps reduce our carbon footprint and It’s better for your health. 
    • Cellulose does not contain any fiberglass like other common insulations. Fiberglass insulation can increase cancer risk and can cause irritations and rash.
    • Blown cellulose easily fills in cracks and crevices to provide a seamless barrier. It reduces fire risk and mold.
    • Cellulose is treated with boric acid that helps repel pests like insents and rodents.
    where to insulate your home
    Where to Insulate in a Home
    Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Installation method and expertize are critical to how well the insulation performs in your home.

    At Attic Crew, we use specialist equipment to blow treated cellulose insulation into cavities of both internal and external walls of your home.

    Insulated walls not just form a barrier to heat transfer, but also form a barrier to sound proof your home.

    How Cavity Wall Insulation Works:

    Outer Cavity Wall Insulation

    A cavity wall is made up of two layers/walls with a small gap in between, known as the cavity. Most traditional walls built with brick, stone, timber or some other material will have cavity. Same applies to most internal walls where there will be some cavity between the two faces of the wall.

    Cellulose insulation is blown into the cavity, under pressure through a predetermined pattern of drilled holes ensuring total fill of the cavity. When completed, the holes are filled and covered.

    Once installed properly, Cellulose Cavity Wall Insulation will provide

    • Thermal Efficiency
    • Sound Proofing
    • Fire Resistance

    and should last the lifetime of your house.

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